How my time at Salford Business School prepared me for a career in Social Media Marketing


I thought I’d shared with you how I’m becoming a Social Media Expert and how Salford Business School (SBS) has helped me with this.

Some of the key Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing Skills I’ve gained at SBS


Before Salford Business School

I first became interested in Marketing whilst studying my undergrad (Film and TV Studies) at Aberystwyth University. I took a module in Advertising and another in Short Scriptwriting and fancied myself as an award-winning advert filmmaker. Yes, I know how naive that sounds. In my final year we had to create a career path profile; after much debate, I settled on the role of a Marketing Assistant. I felt fully prepared for the world of marketing. Yes, I know how naive that sounds.

I tried my best to get my dream job after graduating but was constantly told I didn’t have enough experience. A couple of times I was even told I’d done the wrong degree and I was basically wasting my time. I’ve never been the sort of girl to give up easily. 

 I started to run the Twitter and Facebook accounts for the Cub Scout group I’m involved with hopes of gaining more experience and becoming a social media expert.  I also started a blog too, nothing related to social media or marketing but if you love Lush like me it’s worth a read. Deep down I knew I needed some academic proof to feel like I could become a Social Media Expert. My friend Roy had been studying for a Masters while I was struggling, he was constantly telling me how great it was and how I was definitely clever enough to at least apply.

I’m glad I listened to him as I was offered an unconditional place for Digital Marketing Digital Marketing for September 2016. I was so shocked when I found out I remember double checking they hadn’t made a mistake. This was the first thing I learned from SBS, I was worth somebody’s time and I had to be more confident. 

Once I started believing in myself again it was time to think about what I wanted to do when I graduated. It seemed a waste to go into a generalised Marketing Assistant role, now that my understanding had grown. 

This slide helped me realise where my talents lie

I had learnt camerawork, editing and developed my photography skills whilst in Aberystwyth, which skewed me towards Content Marketing in particular Online Video Marketing. However, the focus during my gap year was closer Social Media Marketing. It suddenly clicked that my real interest was in Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing. SBS had taught me SEO, how to use a plethora of Social Media tools and Google Analytics.  Luckily there is some overlap between the two.  One thing was clear I certainly understood the marketing environment more now.

SBS has armed me with a basket full of new skills, most of these came through assignment work.


Digital Innovation- This was the first time I’d had to produce anything as though it was ‘paid content’. I loved the informal style of blog posts and I was allowed to use my creativity. Plus I learnt how to use Powtoon for myYouTube pre-video style advert. You can see my efforts below:

Bunny Busters Cruelty Free Guide

Digital Marketing and Analytics- This was a little more intimidating as I had to produce my first Digital Marketing Report. Once I got started I really enjoyed getting to grips with Google Analytics, which is essential for Social Media Marketing.

Aspiring Social Media Marketer

Although I have only mentioned two of my assignments of all them have taught me valuable skills. From time management to communication skills in group projects. Or a clearer understanding of the marketing environment. I’m now ready to fill the skills gap for Social Media and Content Marketers.

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Or check out my Visual CV

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